7 tips to create the ultimate home office

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Due to the coronavirus, many of us are forced to work from home for a long period of time. This took some getting used to. You spend the days with your laptop at the kitchen table or at a self made “desk” in your bedroom. If you work from home a lot and you do not have a home office setup and/or furniture, this can have serious consequences for your posture and your health. 

For the time being, keeping a physical distance from others is still the new reality and working from home is becoming the norm for many people. Investing in a proper home office to avoid neck problems, back pain or stress is not a luxury you should cut back on. With a number of smart adjustments you can create a home office where you can work comfortably. Read our 7 tips to create a smart and effective workplace at home!

1. Get started with an ergonomic desk

Working productively at home starts with an ergonomic desk. This is indispensable for adopting an active posture. Your activities may differ per day. One moment you are doing work that requires your utmost concentration, while other days are a bit more relaxed. An adjustable desk allows you to work in the position that is suitable to the situation. If you are planning to buy home office furniture, choose a desk that is adjustable in height. Not sure about the cost? You can already get a Standing Desk from 149 euros. Additionally, these days many employers cover the cost of home office furniture for their employees.

2. Use a stand-alone mouse and keyboard

Are you scrolling through this article with the keyboard and mouse on your laptop? It may sound like a minor tweak, but a stand-alone mouse and keyboard can make a world of difference. These tools allow you to position your arms and hands in a better position, reducing the chance of carpal tunnel syndrome. Moreover, you will be able to place your laptop on a stand, ensuring it is at the correct height. This enables a better working posture and prevents a sore neck. Take a look at the Händig Laptop Stand.

3. Invest in an adjustable office chair 

On an average working day, you will be sitting in your chair for no less than 8 hours. No wonder this piece of furniture has a lot of influence on your working posture. If you sit in an uncomfortable chair that does not provide adequate support, this can be detrimental to your spine. That is why it's important to invest in an adjustable office chair. 

What is the ideal height? Your arms should be parallel to the floor and your feet should be able to stand flat. Also, make sure you adopt a slightly reclined position so that you don't sit in a 90 degree angle.

4. Set your screen to the right height

An important part of a good working posture is the positioning of your screen. Whether you work from your laptop or you have a separate a monitor, you should always place the screen at eye level. Failure to do this will put extra pressure on your neck. FYI, an average head weighs about 26 pounds, so... In addition to putting additional pressure on your joints, bad posture can lead to bad breathing and stress. A Desk in combination with a Monitor Stand offers a solution.

5. Small living space? Buy flexible furniture

Many of us do not have an entire room available to turn into a home office. What if you have a very small space available that needs to serve several purposes? You can even turn a full cupboard into a small home office if you smartly choose furniture that you can fold away or disassemble easily. The Händig desks and accessories are easy to assemble and disassemble, because of the absence of screws, glue or tools. This way they never get in the way and you can repurpose the room in the evening.

6. Brighten up your work space with good lighting

Light can have a big impact on our mood, energy and effectiveness. So it is not surprising that lighting is an important factor in your work environment. With the right light in your home office space, you make sure your eyes don't get tired from staring at a screen all day and you also improve your productivity. You have different light forms; direct and indirect. A ceiling lamp provides direct light, whereas a corner lamp provides you with indirect light. Often a combination of direct and indirect lighting is optimal when you are working. Don't forget to take a look at the brightness of your lamps and adjust them to the type of work you do. Lastly, make sure to adjust the options of your screen; use sufficient contrast and adjust your screen brightness to make sure your eyes are comfortable.

7. Liven up your home office with plants 

Do you notice that you're not as productive as you'd like and you feel tired some working days? Perhaps adding some plants to your home office will help you increase your energy level. Plants can improve humidity, remove toxins from the air and brighten up your space. It is said that even looking at green works wonders on your effectiveness...

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