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Have a picnic; 7 tips for the perfect picnic† Summer is coming, it is slowly getting warmer again, the flowers are starting to bloom and the birds are building their nests. This means that you can enjoy a picnic in the park again. But what do you need for the perfect picnic? This is described in this article with the help of 7 tips for the perfect picnic.

Tip 1 - Good food

A picnic is eating a meal outdoors. In general, picnics in the summer are done on the beach or in a park. It is important that you prepare your meal well. But what's nice during a picnic?


In general, it is mainly savory food during a picnic, for example a wrap chicken pesto, carpaccio sandwich, salad, club sandwich or sausages in puff pastry.


In addition to the savory, it is also nice to have something sweet in the nice weather. The making of a Fruit Salad with summer fruits such as strawberries, grapes and blueberries is a good choice. If you don't like fruit, a vegetable skewer is a good option. If all this is too healthy, you can choose to have a cupcake or cake to bring along.

Tip 2– Drink

It has already been explained in the introduction that picnicking is most suitable in the summer. For this reason it is important that you hydrate well.

Sweet picnic drinks

Many sweet drinks are delicious for a picnic. You can choose soft drink, milkshake, orange juice, drinking yogurt, but in general a smoothie of sap a tasty alternative for a meal.

Hot picnic drinks

Are you a real one coffee or tea fanatic. Then make sure you bring a thermos so that you can have a picnic while enjoying a warm cup of tea or coffee.

Alcoholic picnic drinks

Is it Friday afternoon and in the mood for something a little stronger? Then choose a delicious alcoholic summer drink such as rosé of desperado’s† Before the crisis in 2020, corona with a piece of lime would also be included in this list, but I assume that we are done with this by now.

Rosé picknick

Tip 3 - A nice picnic table

Also not unimportant during a picnic, is the picnic table. Besides the fact that it is awkward to eat without a table, your glass will undoubtedly fall over on an unstable surface.

Flexible picnic table

Since you don't feel like carrying an entire table, it is wise to choose a foldable or flexible table. There are many different options on the market, but our Picnic Desk excels in flexibility and appearance.


Tip 4 - A picnic blanket and chairs

In addition to a good picnic table, it is also useful to bring a rug and furniture. You prefer not to sit on the grass between the sand and the insects. So bring a rug with you, this is hygienic for you and your food and drinks.

Picnic with chairs

If you plan to sit on the floor, you can skip this paragraph. If you would like picnic chairs, opt for flexible chairs. You can think of folding camping chairs or wooden stools that are easy to assemble and disassemble.

Tip 5 - All necessities in terms of cutlery, cool box, etc.

This is a tip that, despite being mentioned, is often still incorrectly followed. It will not happen to you for the first time that you open your picnic basket and you have forgotten something, from the cups to your sunglasses. Extremely inconvenient, so make sure you take everything with you before you leave your house.

Here is a list of picnic supplies

  • cool box
  • Specifications
  • plates
  • Box
  • Glass/cups
  • thermos
  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Picnic table
  • Dress
  • stool
  • Sunglasses

Tip 6 - Choose a nice place

The success of a picnic is very dependent on the location. So choose a nice spot for your picnic. Find a nice park, or drive to the coast to enjoy your meal in the sand† The Vondelpark in Amsterdam is wonderful in the summer, but if you don't like the crowds, you can always choose to have a picnic on a grassy field nearby.

Picknicken op strand

Tip 7 - Nice company

The last tip may be obvious, but it is therefore not unimportant. Pick a nice company to go on a picnic with. This is the biggest success factor for a nice picnic.

Furniture for the perfect picnic

We offer different furniture for the perfect picnic. The most popular piece of furniture among our customers is the picnic desk† A very nice picnic table made of wood. The wood type is untreated birch plywood. You can also complete your picnic set with our easy to assemble and disassemble seat.

Over Handy Design

We believe in effective design without fuss and design work from home furniture that is tailored to flexible working. Office, home and student room furniture that you put together easily, without the use of screws, glue or tools.

Simple, affordable, and flexible. That is what Händig stands for.

Handy design

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