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Studentenkamer inrichting hout stijl

It furnishing a student room is quite a task for many students. Due to the increasing shortage in the housing market, followed by rising rent and purchase prices, it is difficult to get a student room. Did you succeed and do you want to know how to furnish your student room? Then this article is for you. We help you with our 7 tips when decorating your student room

Tip 1 – Choose space-saving furniture for the design of your student room

Whether you have to furnish a student room of 10m2, 12m2 or 20m2, it is important to deal with the limited space that is available. It is therefore essential to use space-saving furniture for the furnishing of you small student room.

Space-saving furniture

- Flexible desk

- Standing Desk

- Flex desk

- Tablet stand

Zwart bureau desk

Tip 2 - Organize your student room properly

The minimum requirements for each student room is a bed, closet and desk. It is crucial to be smart about the layout of the furniture in your student room.


So it is important that you put your desk in a well-lit place† Preferably light from outside, but good LED lighting also does its job. This has to do with the substance melatonin (the substance that makes you sleepy), which is produced when it gets dark. Light reduces this production, which promotes your productivity.


The opposite is true for your bed. put you bed in the darkest corner of the room to promote melatonin production and sleep. This optimizes your sleep.


You can place your closet anywhere, provided you make optimal use of the space that is available.

Tip 3 - An ergonomically furnished student room

Ergonomic design of your student room has benefits for both your productivity and your health. But what is ergonomic? Ergonomic comes from a scientific study that has to do with optimizing people and their environment, in other words adopting the right (work) attitude.

Since the average student does not have the healthiest lifestyle, it might be interesting to standing desk of flex desk to purchase. This stimulates your blood circulation, so that more oxygen goes to your body. This results in more energy and higher productivity.

Ergonomic Products

  1. standing desk
  2. Tablet stand
  3. Flex desk
  4. Ergonomic mouse
  5. Monitor stand
  6. Laptop stand


Tip 4 – A tidy student room

This tip is self-evident and you have probably heard from your mother too often at home, but it will be mentioned. Clean your room.

Disadvantages of a messy student room

A cluttered room creates a lot of incentives, in addition to the fact that a cluttered student room is unsanitary. These incentives cost energy and distract you. Therefore, make sure that you keep your room and especially your office so you can work productively.

How do you ensure a clean student room?

Here it is useful to working with structured systems† Make sure you have a trash can in your room, put your laptop and textbooks in standard places, your worn clothes are not scattered all over the floor and I could go on and on.

Tip 5 – Choose the right price-quality ratio

Most students need to borrow money to make ends meet. For this reason, students want to furnish their room at the lowest price. However, you run the risk that this will backfire. It is important that the interior of your student room lasts a long time. A cheap interior of lesser quality can ensure that you are still more expensive due to damage. The saying "cheap is expensive" does not exist for nothing.

Therefore choose products with a good price/quality ratio, then you really save furniture.

Tip 6 - A suitable style

Choose to furnish your student room in the right style. It is important that you feel at home in your student room, a nice room in the same style helps for most students. Many different color influences or a style that you experience as "cold" results in stress. This stress results in loss of concentration, which is at the expense of your productivity.

Therefore, choose to have the same kind of pleasant style, such as a full berkenhout of clear lacquered interior.

Inrichting studentenkamer hout stijl

Tip 7 - Make it personal

In the end it's all about one thing, that you feel comfortable there. Does a cluttered and colorful dorm room bring your creative spirit to the fore? Then choose a white desk with a red bed and a bunch of flowers with all the colors of the rainbow.

Summary tips for decorating your student room

Use space-saving furniture that you strategically organize in your student room. Buy furniture with a good price/quality ratio that supports you in maintaining the right posture. It is also nice to furnish your room in a nice style. very last; what is for one person may not apply to you, so set up your student room in such a way that it is pleasant for you.

Furniture for your student room

Hopefully these 7 tips will help you. Our website contains various products with which you can properly furnish your student room. Our products are space-saving, durable and affordable, ideal for you as a student. View our desk, flex desk, laptop stand, standing desk and much more Lake.

Over Handy Design

We believe in effective design without fuss and design work from home furniture that is tailored to flexible working. Office, home and student room furniture that you put together easily, without the use of screws, glue or tools.

Simple, affordable, and flexible. That is what Händig stands for.

Handy design

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