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Nationale Nederlanden

19 juni 2020 - Special times call for special solutions

In June and July, our founder Mark Snoeijen has been featured in the television commercial from Nationale Nederlanden. The commercial shows Dutch people who came up with innovative solutions in these special and difficult times. Mark is a perfect example of this. When the COVID-19 restrictions were implemented, his projects to build stages for large events were all cancelled. Together with fellow founder Bjorn Berkers, he came up with the idea for Händig - then called Compaqt - and quickly started designing and producing our office furniture. Learn more in the article on the NN website.

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28 May, 2020 - Turning things around! From building stages to designing furniture

The “new normal” - keeping a physical distance from others - is what inspired the creativity of our founders. How would they be able to contribute to the newly developed needs of society? Mark and Bjorn decided to turn things around and considered all the materials, machines and skills they had available to them. They decided to develop products that would enable people to work from home comfortably. These products needed to be easy to assemble, disassemble and store away to allow for flexible use of limited spaces… Read more in the Coronakrant article (Dutch only).

Team Händig

NPO Radio 1

7 May, 2020 - Astrid Out of the Box

On 7 May, our founder Bjorn Berkers was interviewed by Astrid Joosten in her radio show Astrid Out of the Box on NPO radio 1. In the show, he explains how he came up with the idea to start our brand Händig - then called Compaqt - together with fellow founder Mark Snoeijen.

When the coronacrisis hit, all projects for his company were cancelled. There was no work for his staff or his machines and he needed to quickly come up with a way to keep using the skills, knowledge and tools that were available to him. Bjorn kept hearing how people were forced to work from home, but did not have the space or furniture to set up a dedicated home office. He decided to solve this problem, and within 2 days he completed the first piece of home office furniture ... Listen to his full story from minute 4:14 (Dutch only).

Ondernemers in de fase van acceptatie Astrid Joosten Händig bureau desk thuiswerken

Eindhovens Dagblad

2 May, 2020 - Stage builders from Beek en Donk and Eindhoven switch to creating home office furniture

When the Dutch Prime Minister announced that all large events and festivals would be cancelled until at least September, this was a huge blow to our founders. They both run a successful company in the events industry and this announcement meant they would not be able to make any more revenue for at least 6 months.

They quickly turned things around and decided to start making screwless home office furniture. This turned out to be their golden ticket. In under a week, they sold 100 desks and accessoires… Read more in the article by Eindhovens Dagblad (Dutch only).

Bjorn Berkers en Mark Snoeijen bouwen normaal constructies en decors voor festivals, maar maken nu bureaus en andere aanverwante artikelen voor thuiswerkplekken.

Omroep Brabant

18 April, 2020 - Stage builders create home office furniture during the coronacrisis

Our founders were featured in a news item on Omroep Brabant where they were able to share our story and show our products. They also peeked into our warehouse to show viewers where our products are made.

The accompanying article (Dutch only) tells the story of how our founders' companies were struggling due to the COVID-19 restrictions and they were at risk of losing 2.5 million Euros in revenue. Instead of using their machines to build festival stages, they started using them to make furniture for people who were forced to work from home. Especially the desk quickly became our most popular product…