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ondernemers thuiswerken

From building large stages to making furniture. You may have seen us in the Dutch tv commercial of Nationale Nederlanden. Händig founders and entrepreneurs Mark Snoeijen and Bjorn Berkers are usually responsible for the immense stages at major festivals or events all over the world. That was, until the COVID-19 outbreak completely shut down the events industry. 

There was no time to stress about the lack of projects and it was not in their nature to do so either. Mark and Bjorn immediately started thinking about how to use their creativity and skills in a different way.

The machines that they normally use to carve out different pieces of a stage needed to start running again. How could they use them to create something of lasting value? That's when it came to them; working from home is our new reality and our future. They just needed to figure out how they could distinguish themselves from all the large players that are already out there.

This is how the idea for Händig was born; a furniture company that focusses on creating desks and home office accessoires that are easy to assemble and disassemble without the use of any screws, glue or tools. In our workshop in Beek en Donk (NL), the stages have now been replaced by compact office furniture. If it is up to Mark and Bjorn, this is just the beginning and a Händig children's line and more office furniture will follow soon.  

Hassle-free home office furniture

Mark and Bjorn both run their own companies in the events industry and have previously worked together. This enabled them to find each other quickly in this time of crisis. The first designs for our products were ready within a week and Händig was ready to start. Good news for the employees of the two companies, who were ready to work on something new and exciting.

“We don't want to turn to the government for support. Händig allows us to keep our staff engaged and busy during these difficult times. Everyone feels useful again.”

The starting point for all Händig designs is that everything should to be easy to assemble. No difficult manuals or marital disputes, you simply slide the parts of our furniture together. This allows for a living room or kitchen to easily be converted into a (temporary) home office. We provide a solution for everyone who is working from home and is forced to use the kitchen counter or ironing board as a desk.

Sustainable and locally produced 

Home office furniture should be durable and high-quality. Our products are made entirely of birchwood and we manage our production as sustainably as possible. For example, we have calculated how we can use as much of each sheet of wood as possible to avoid wasting any of the material. Moreover, our design makes it possible to package the products in flat boxes that are easy to transport. This means fewer transportation movements and fewer emissions. Also, all of our products are designed and produced locally. This means that your Händig home office furniture will be delivered within a week. If you choose Händig, you will make a responsible choice for locally produced home office furniture. 

Händig Fabriek Desk

Our story is about rethinking the status quo in difficult times. We want to inspire you to do the same. If you have to work from home, make the most out of it and create a home office that gives you energy. The positive energy that our employees bring to the table, makes Händig what it is today. They are involved in all areas of the business and inspire us to continuously innovate. Without them, our home office furniture wouldn't have been such a success. You can now find our desks in living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms throughout the EU, from the Netherlands to Sweden. That is what we love to do, make people happy with our designs.

Do you also want to create a functional, flexible and beautiful home office in no time with our furniture? Take a look at our entire product range.

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